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What is Yoga?

  • Yoga is letting go of our need to be constantly busy.
  • Yoga is quieting the chatter in our minds
  • Yoga is finding more patience for our kids.
  • Yoga is finding more patience for ourselves.
  • Yoga is learning from our missteps and then moving on.
  • Yoga is noticing the beautiful spring flowers.
  • Yoga is finding more time for embracing our loved ones.
  • Yoga is connecting to our community.
  • Yoga is stopping to help a stranger in need.
  • Yoga is slowing down to live life, instead of letting life live you.
  • Yoga is joining our minds, hearts and bodies to find more JOY in life!

Join us on this journey to find greater happiness through the practice of yoga. The time for yoga is now and always. It is never too soon to begin and never too late to start. Yoga is a lifelong practice that evolves with us and changes with time, just as we change. What is the point? Perhaps it is just a life well lived.