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youth yoga

We believe the gift of yoga is an important ingredient for happy and healthy children. Through the use of games, stories, adventures and props, your children will enjoy essential playtime while improving strength, balance, flexibility, focus and much more. Through yoga breathing practices we also help kids learn to cope with their strong emotions, learn patience and self calming techniques. For older kids yoga helps them cope with life's stressors such as homework, tests and changes in daily routines. Teaching our children to manage their stress at an early age can help them navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease.

A program of INA Wellness
INA Wellness brings yoga and mindfulness programs to children and families in MD, DC and VA. Through a partnership with The Happy Yogi, INA Wellness offers a comprehensive collection of Youth and Family Yoga studio-based classes in both our Olney and Fulton locations.
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Looking for a way to do yoga together with your kids, preschool to preteen? Don’t forget to check out our Family Yoga page to check out our special programs like “Art and Yoga for Families.

Mini Sessions running all summer. Click the links below to find open sessions. Fall 2017 class schedule coming soon. These classes do not include parent participation.

Yogi Saplings

Preschool (ages 3 to 5 years): Children experience the magic of yoga through stories, music, games and movement. They are encouraged to move and use their bodies in fun and imaginative ways, engaging in a variety of yoga poses that enable them to go from silly to calm, as they practice breath and body awareness.
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Yogi Trees

Elementary School (ages 6-10 years): Through the use of stories, music, games and props, founded in theme-based teaching, children release restless energy while honing motor and language skills, boosting body and breathing awareness, and developing self-confidence. Relaxation and self-reflection is included in each session. Children participate in individual, partner and group yoga.
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PreTeen Yoga

Preteens (Grades 6-8, ages 11-14) Through poses, games and conversation, Yoga for Tweens is designed to help preteens navigate their journey from childhood to teenager. This class gives preteens the tools they need to improve concentration, reduce stress, and explore their bodies and feelings in a fun and positive way. Preteens will challenge their bodies by practicing yoga postures for increased balance, flexibility and strength and connect to their bodies and quiet their minds through breathing exercises. Preteens will also learn how to take their yoga practice off the mat and into their daily lives to help them find ease in the face of today’s challenges.
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Questions? Contact Lisa Danahy at lisa@INAwellness.com or 240.532.CALM (2256)