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Create Calm Families & Children




Families who do yoga together enjoy a stronger sense of community, greater peace of mind, increased strength and flexibility, and thrive together! Yoga for families benefits EVERYONE!

All of our children’s classes are developmentally-aligned and founded in theme-based, experiential learning, often covering topics such as stress management, emotion and behavior regulation, self-appreciation, confidence, and relationship building skills. All classes cultivate mindfulness, develop compassion, and encourage non-judgment and acceptance.

Create Calm Families & Children is a program of INA Wellness.
INA Wellness brings yoga and mindfulness programs to children and families in MD, DC and VA. Through our partnership with The Happy Yogi, INA Wellness offers highly specialized programming including private yoga instruction for children and families as well as specialty group experiences through fun, experiential, accessible studio-based classes.

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Check out our NEW workshops for kids of ALL ages – from infants to pre-teens… AND family yoga, too!

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Private Yoga for Children & Families

Private Yoga Classes for You & Your Child (All Ages)
Enhance communications, create special memories and learn valuable skills for cooperation and collaboration as you breathe, move, and relax together. Through playful, meaningful yoga movements and meditation grow together in strength, flexibility, wellness, and happiness.

Pediatric Private Yoga for Children with A-Typical Development (All Ages)
Every child grows at a different pace and with unique developmental challenges. In your home, or at the studio, experience the benefits of individually tailored and personalized yoga instruction designed to meet your child’s specific physical, emotional, and cognitive health needs. Some of our primary service areas include: Autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, PANDAS, Crohn’s Disease, Immune Deficiencies, Hyper and Hypo Tonality, Learning and Speech, Sensory Processing, Emotional Balance, Sports Injuries, Anxiety, Stress, Self-Regulation

Each private yoga experience begins with an initial consultation and evaluation to best match services and needs. Private sessions for children are typically between 30 and 60 minutes. See fee schedule below.

Service Fee
Initial Consultation & Evaluation $125.00
60-Minute Session $115.00
45-Minute Session $95.00
30-Minute Session $75.00

Monthly Workshops – View Schedule

  • Preteen Yoga Workshops (ages 11-14)
  • Kids Yoga Workshops (ages 6-10)
  • Music and Yoga for Preschoolers (ages 3-5)
  • Family Yoga Workshops (ages 6-10)

Questions? Contact Lisa Danahy at or 240.532.CALM (2256)