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Classes & Levels

Class Types

Hatha Yoga

Level of intensity: Low/Moderate

In a Hatha Class students will learn a variety of asanas (postures) as we mindfully explore standing poses, backbends, twists and inversions. With a steady breath we will hold each pose longer to learn deeper levels of alignment, unlocking the full benefits of each asana. We will use props to enhance our practice as we progressively and safely strengthen and lengthen the muscles. Expect a challenging class that moves at a slower pace.

Vinyasa Yoga

Level of intensity: Moderate

In a Vinyasa Class students will learn a variety of asanas (poses) including standing poses, backbends, twists and inversions. In this dynamic practice we will move through the poses with the flow of the breath. Using this combination of breath and movement to focus the mind students will find a physically challenging but mentally calming effect. (In a Vinyasa Class we frequently place weight on our hands. Students should be relatively free from wrist and shoulder issues.)

Gentle Yoga

Level of intensity: Low

Gentle Yoga is a mixed level class for new students or those simply wanting a more relaxed and nurturing experience. Students can expect to do relaxing breath work, do various warm ups and explore basic postures at a fairly slow pace. All classes begin with a centering, a variety of warm ups before working on the postures and end with deep relaxation. Students of Gentle Yoga may benefit from increased flexibility, improved circulation, reduced stress and more clarity. Gentle Yoga is appropriate for anyone who is relatively free from injury and can stand, sit and kneel on the floor.

Yin Yoga

Level of intensity: Low

Yin Yoga is a delicious practice that targets the deep layers of connective tissues in the body allowing you to strengthen and restore your body at its very core. In Yin Yoga you spend much of the practice sitting or lying down. You will typically hold postures for 3-5 minutes each, which will allow you to release deep-rooted tension in the body, mind and spirit.

Yin Yoga is accessible to all students, regardless of your age or level of expertise.

Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Level of intensity: Low

Restorative Yoga and Meditation is a beautiful practice that allows you to step out of the relentless onrush of life and tap into the stillness that lives deep inside you. In a totally peaceful and supportive environment, you will find stress and anxiety dropping away. The body relaxes deeply, allowing the mind and spirit to find freedom. Everybody welcome; no experience in Yoga or meditation is required.

Therapeutic Yoga

Level of intensity: Low

Therapeutic Yoga blends restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga, breath work, and guided meditation techniques in a way that it is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress. Students can expect to work on the floor and do some standing poses, but there will be props and/or chairs to assist those for whom standing is a stressor. Over the course of the session students will learn to bring breath, awareness and healthy movement into the body starting with the feet and working upward. Students of Therapeutic Yoga may benefit from improved balance, increased range of motion and reduced pain. Therapeutic Yoga is specifically designed for those students suffering from an injury, chronic pain or other condition which makes movement difficult.

Qigong, Meditation & The Tao

Level of intensity: Low

The ancient healing art Qigong is often thought of as the meditative foundation for Tai Chi (or Taiji). Like Taiji, Qigong uses natural, fluid movements to generate and distribute qi (energy). The exercises are gentle, energizing, and organically strengthening. They focus on the deeper structures and processes of the body’s major systems, while channeling and enhancing the vitality and acuity of mind, heart, and spirit.

Meditation periods will frame the Qigong practice, which will be the main focus of the class, taking about 40 minutes of the hour. The first few minutes and the last 10-20 minutes of class will be devoted to quiet meditation—either seated, standing, or walking (known as Kinhin in Zen practice)—and to working with several meditation techniques. Practitioners in this class should feel free to bring their own method of meditation, and to experiment with those presented in the class.

“Tao” literally means “the way,” or “the way of nature.” In traditional Taoism, the familiar yin/yang symbol indicates the interdependence of all things, including much that we have come to think of as ‘opposites.’ Thus, hot and cold, wet and dry, fluid and solid, dark and light are understood as interdependent, interpenetrating, and not separate.

The class will use this understanding of the Tao as a reference point, paying particular attention to verses from the Tao Te Ching, and to other sources, both ancient and modern, as they contribute to an enriching, energizing, and centering practice.

No mats or props are required for this class, though students may wish to bring their own cushion for seated meditation if they prefer those to the ample props the studio offers.

Prenatal Yoga

Level of intensity: Low

Prenatal Yoga helps to connect expecting mothers with their selves, their babies, and other mothers. Prenatal yoga expands and maintains the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of expecting mothers throughout one of the most exciting periods in their lives. This class is suitable for expecting mothers in all three trimesters. The teacher will provide modifications, suggestions, and tailored experiences for each individual in order to create a safe and supportive environment for all class members. The practice of asana (posture), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation can be supportive throughout a pregnancy, during labor, and after the birth of your baby.

Hot Yoga

Level of intensity: High

Ever experience the momentary peace and relaxation of a warm car on a cool day? In hot yoga we move through an advanced Vinyasa Yoga practice while allowing the heat to penetrate and loosen stiff muscles. Come enjoy the detoxifying benefits of yoga in a room heated to 90 degrees.

Yoga Nidra

Level of intensity: Low

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a holistic, systematic meditation technique which, with proper guidance, allows us to incline the mind and body toward a healthy, productive state. A state of deep relaxation is achieved as attention is directed in a methodical, orderly way through the body. Students will be encouraged to build on their desire to reach their highest potential by nurturing and strengthening the positive traits they already possess. Yoga Nidra helps people to rest, balance, transform and tap into new sources of energy. Yoga Nidra is appropriate for everyone. (Yoga Nidra is a specialty class offered as a monthly workshop.)

Still not sure where to begin? Check out our FAQ page about finding the right class.

Class Levels

We want you to have a safe and delightful yoga experience. Nothing can be more important than choosing the correct level. Be honest with yourself. You’ll enjoy feeling masterful in class that is right for you. If you need more guidance, send us an email or give us a call.

Level I

Our level I classes are powerful, learning experiences in which you will literally re-discover your body, how it works, and what it can do. They are designed to give you the time and support to understand the proper alignment of yoga asanas (postures) and breathing technique. All of our teachers are trained to help you master the correct form, understand proper breathing techniques, and build confidence in your practice.

Level I/II

Level I/II classes build on the fundamental postures introduced in Level I through creative and challenging sequences. Level I/II classes are also ideal for learning and practicing the basics of more challenging postures like arm balances, inversions, safely and effectively.

Level II

Level II classes are designed to expand on your strength, stamina and flexibility as you master advanced postures like inversions, arm balances, and backbends, as well as demanding sequences. Also, expect teachers to refer to postures in Sanskrit more frequently.

Level II/III

Level II/III classes presume students are familiar with intermediate yoga postures (including inversions and backbends). In these classes you will use your knowledge of postures and breathing to practice exciting, physically demanding and challenging sequences and variations. You will go deeper, and your teacher will help you achieve breakthroughs in your practice and your self-awareness. The pace of these classes is often faster, so we recommend you are injury-free and have a year of solid yoga under your mat before you join II/III classes.

All Levels

All Levels classes will guide students through a variety of asanas and offer both level I and level II options for various poses. Students should have several months of prior experience with yoga before attending an All Levels class.